Articles We Wish We Had Written

How wealthy are you compared with other Australians?

What it means to be average in Australia On policy and tax, it’s important to agree where the middle is. Caitlin Fitzsimmons explains this eloquently in the following article.

Looking at the economy with a long-term viewpoint

Here is an article we like. It is by the esteemed finance writer, Ross Gittins. Gittins is really skilled at not being caught up in the short termism that often colours people’s view of the economy.

Changes to the Age Pension from 1 January 2017

The aged pension became a little less available to many people from 1 January 2017. This is the best article we have found describing the changes. It come from the ABC:

Trustees and Trust Deeds

Monica Rule is one of Australia’s foremost SMSF experts. This article sets out the importance of making sure your SMSF follows its own rule book.

Why we recommend corporate trustees for SMSF

We are often asked why we recommend corporate trustees for SMSF. This article echo’s my sentiments and will only take you 90 seconds to read. Like most things in life, a little bit of extra commitment at the beginning will produce results for life. Why we recommend corporate trustees for SMSF

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