Perfect Portfolio Management

We think advisors and their clients already have enough paperwork. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Sharesight – to take the hassle out of managing your share portfolio.
Sharesight is a cloud-based portfolio tool that gives you online access to stock and fund performance and a host of other features. But the best thing about it is how it ends the paper trail.
Dividends and adjustments are automatically accounted for and each trade is automatically added to your portfolio. Once your portfolio is established we’ll integrate it with Xero to make bank reconciliation a breeze. You’ll find Sharesight easy to use, accurate and it will save us both time. Plus you’ll get a portfolio tool that helps you manage your investments by removing the paperwork.

Performance reporting

Sharesight automatically calculates the performance of your portfolio and each share holding and fund position within it. That makes comparisons with other investment options is easy. Rank your shares by performance, identify non-performers and improve your decision making.

Automates dividends and adjustments

Sharesight automatically calculates and records dividend payments (including tax credits) and automatically adjusts for share splits, name changes, capital returns and other corporate action events.

Real-time trades – no more data entry

When you make a trade, simply email your contract note to Sharesight and your portfolio will be instantly updated with the transaction. Or instruct your broker to do it for you. No more data entry.

Xero Integration

Connect your Sharesight portfolio to your Xero account and have details of share purchases, sales and dividends automatically reconciled against your bank statement and included in your financial accounts. Furthermore, Sharesight can pull in your bank account balances and cash investments, so your total financial position is displayed right within your portfolio.

Portfolio sharing

Share your portfolio with us so we can easily get the information we need without having to hassle you for it.

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